Usefull list of editors/IDEs


  • vim small, fast, simple, hard to learn (key combinations, modes), ubiquitous, POSIX
  • emacs big, alternative to vi/vim, many commands built-in, does everything
  • nano basic, simple, small, reimplementation of pico, ubiquitous


  • sublime text cross-platform, comercial, python API, plugin support, feature complete
  • atom by Github, free, crossplatform, slow, new, rebuild of sublime, based on chromium and written in C++, supports plugins on Nodejs
  • brackets by Adobe, free, open-source, written in HTML+JS+CSS, used for web dev, crossplatform, codemirror-based
  • textmate MacOS only, best editor for Mac
  • notepad++ open-source windows only scintilla-based, best for Windows, has plugins, very complete feature set
  • scite cross-platform scintilla-based, lightweight, simple, Lua scriting for customization
  • kate KDE-only text editor, simple
  • gedit GNOME default text editor
  • leafpad LXDE default text editor


  • geany IDE style Scintilla-based
  • kdevelop KDE-only IDE, very complete feature set, Visual Studio for KDE 🙂
  • qt creator cross-platform C++, JS and QML IDE
  • clion C/C++ IDE from JetBrains, new
  • bluefish GNOME-based simple IDE


  • cloud9 IDE, ace-based, good for PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript/Node.js, and Go development, written in JS, runs in GCE, feature complete, offline mode doesnt work
  • koding IDE, ace-based, good for Python, Java, Perl, Node.js, Ruby, C, C++, PHP, and Go
  • sourcekit Textmate like inside chrome using plugin, ace-based
  • uses development boxes

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