How to tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies (using corkscrew)

  • corkscrew/corkscrew@ubuntu is a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies.
    To open the connection to the server running the SSH daemon we will use the HTTP CONNECT method which allows a client to connect to a server through an HTTP proxy by sending an HTTP CONNECT request to this proxy.
# install
$ sudo yum install corkscrew (Fedora Rawhide) | sudo apt-get install corkscrew

$ cat ~/.ssh/config
ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p

# authenticated proxy connections
$ cat ~/.ssh/config
ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p ~/.ssh/proxyauth
$ cat ~/.ssh/proxyauth

# same but using putty, see

from Tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies using HTTP Connect


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